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Canine Influenza in Minnesota

The latest information oon canine influenza in Minnesota is tracked by the Minnesota Board of Animal Health. As of July 26k 2018, there had been 2 reported cases in the whole state:

Number of 2018 cases

Carver Three (3)
Kandiyohi One (1)

The part of Carver County nearest to the show grounds is some 23 miles away on the opposite side of the Minneapolis-St. Paul area, and Kandiyohi County is some 15 miles from the fairgrounds.

Besides the summary of current cases, the Board of Animal Health has a fact sheet on canine influenza.

The AVMA has influenza information pages as well. They include recommended procedures and precautions for avoiding the influenza.



Lastly, do remember that it's also good to get yourself vaccinated against influenza.